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Sona Moti Wheat flour

Sona Moti Wheat flour

Sona Moti Wheat

is a 2000-year-old desi variety of emmer wheat, grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides.


It is low in gluten and high in folic acid, rich in protein, magnesium and iron. It helps lower blood sugar levels while helping build immunity.

Sona Moti Wheat

An ancient grain with a multitude of health benefits:

Emmer Wheat (Triticum dicoccon) is one of the most ancient varieties of wheat across the world.
Its crop has been preserved in Northern India over thousands of years, owing to various health benefits that this grain has. It is traditionally known to be rich in Protein, Magnesium and Iron.

It also has a low Gluten value and helps lower Blood Sugar levels, while helping build immunity. With each pack of this Atta, you not only take a step towards a healthier life but also help in preserving biodiversity.

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