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Jaggery Powder ( Shakkar)

Jaggery Powder ( Shakkar)

We all love our little dose of sweetness at least once in a while, but this craving is always accompanied by the fear of ill-health. Indeed, it is advisable to stay away from sugar – completely if possible – because its drawbacks outweigh its possible benefits (if any). But, still when you feel the need to consume something sweet, don’t suppress the desire completely instead try a healthier alternative like jaggery.

Jaggery is an excellent and naturally healthy sweetener. Made from the sap of Sugarcane plants that contain a good quantity of sucrose, it is golden brown in colour and has a distinct taste unlike the plain sweetness of sugar. It can be stored in the form of blocks or powder, which can then be mixed into the dish being prepared. Jaggery can also be used to make sweets.

  • Sugarcane Jaggery Powder

    • Instead of using sugar in your tea or milk, you can mix jaggery powder.
    • If you have raagi malt or oats for breakfast, add some powdered jaggery or a small block of jaggery to it. You can also experiment with your breakfast cereal.
    • If you make sweet dishes such as kheer at home, use jaggery as a sweetener instead of sugar. You can also try the jaggery candy sweets made with peanuts or sesame seeds moulded with melted and hardened jaggery.
    • And, of course, you can always simply consume jaggery powder directly, as it is.
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